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Who Cares? You Care School Safety Program

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Who Cares You Care School Safety Program (pdf)


Who Cares? You Care

Why Care?

School Safety is critical to your child's education. However, each year thousands of students stay home from school because of the fear of being bullied, or, worse yet, they turn to drugs and other methods to stop the pain and isolation they feel.

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Parent's Action Plan

  • The solution to solving the bullying, drug and suicide problem is in mobilizing parents and demanding change. We offer the tools and road map.

Parent's Action Plan

Who Cares?

  • We have a list of individuals, legislators, politicians, business and celebrities who CARE enough to take action. It is not enough to say you CARE. Everyone "cares".To make our We CARE List,  you have to act. 

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About Us

  • For the past five years we have  managed a hotline for students where they can reach out for help. In doing so, we have heard the, desperate cries of students who simply want to feel safe at school. As any parent, whose child has been bullied knows, the bureaucracy to get schools to change their policies and procedures can be overwhelming. Over the past five years we have learned, by talking to hundreds of students that have been bullied, as well as students that also want their schools free of drugs and other problems. There are six things, if implemented by your school, will improve school safety. We have outlined how these in our Who Cares You Care Program  and demands your school system care enough to  change. This includes:  

  • Complete Resolution of Issues
  • Revise Antiquated Reporting Methods 
  • Reporting Transparency 
  • Encourage Students to Come Forward 
  • Mental Health Training and Protocols
  • Expulsion of Problem Students

Parent's Action Plan

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