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  • Join a Facebook School Group - If you are frustrated with the school system and do not feel your child  is doing all it can to keep your child safe, join us and get matched with parents in your area that feel like you do. Together you can make a difference. Find a Group

  • Start a Facebook Group - If  a group doesn't exist in your area, we will show you how to start a group and partner with others desiring change. We will also show you how to organize, fund and effect change. No Group in your area? Then start one by entering your information below.  Once approved parents in your area will be able to find you and join.

  • Already Have a Group? - Do you have a group that is working to improve the safety of schools in your area? Join us by registering below and we will add to your local group, as well as provide logistical coordination for an expanded area of influence

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